American Studies

Read the following:

  1. John Irving's A Prayer for Owen Meany

A description of A Prayer for Owen Meany from Goodreads:

"Eleven-year-old Owen Meany, playing in a Little League baseball game in Gravesend, New Hampshire, hits a foul ball and kills his best friend's mother. Owen does't believe in accidents; he believes he is God's instrument. What happens to Owen after that 1953 foul is both extraordinary and terrifying. At moments a comic, self-deluded victim, but in the end the principal, tragic actor in a divine plan, Owen Meany is the most heartbreaking hero John Irving has yet created."

Summer Reading Assignment 

Part 1: Choose at least three pivotal, meaty passages from the text and heavily annotate each while considering both style and meaning. You do not need to write in your book; type your passages into a Google document and annotate there. To do this, you could use the comment function, add footnotes, establish some sort of color coding, hyperlink audio/video annotations, etc. Be creative. Share this document with Mr. Claus and Mrs. O’Neill by the first day of school.

Part 2: Conduct outside research on one historical allusion or reference mentioned in the text using Galenet, Cincinnati Public Library Databases (account required), INFOhio (username: infohio password: power), or other legitimate secondary source. Explain its significance in reference to one of the AP US history themes (pgs. 10-21). This analysis should also be included in the same Google doc you used for annotating.

Additional Summer Reading Assessments

During the first quarter, students will participate in additional summer reading assessments that may include discussions, research, writing, and objective testing.  Because summer reading assignments and assessments become a significant portion of the first quarter grade, students are advised to read carefully.

*See Mr. Claus in B28 before the end of the year to sign out a copy of A Prayer for Owen Meany