English 10

CP English 10:

I. Read the following book before the first day of the school year: 

A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah

As you read, the following should take place: 

1.   Take strong notes on A Long Way Gone.  Typed or handwritten. 

2.   Select quotes that are significant to a scene, theme, or character. Remember to identify the page number of each quotation. Example: (Mathabane 6). 

**State in ONE SENTENCE the meaning of each quote and how it relates to the overall meaning of the book. Do NOT use, “This quote means/says...”  

**Do NOT use the internet to find quotes.  ANY line from the text that is moving or significant to you is correct as long as you support it with reasoning.

**Use just 2-4 four pages total for all of the quotations and “meanings.” Typed, printed, and saved to a Google Doc.

III. Be prepared to lead a discussion about this book and take a quiz during the first week of school, either alone or in a group. 

IV. Be prepared to compare and contrast this book with other literature throughout the school year.

If you have questions about these directions, see Mrs. Haskins in B10 or Mr. Smith in B19 before school ends. You may email us during the summer, but remember that we do not check school email daily.  We will make every effort to answer your questions in a timely manner.



Co-Taught English 10:
Ms. Rheinheimer, English teacher
Mrs. Barker, Intervention Specialist

Read the following:
  1. Ishmael Beah's A Long Way Gone
There will be an assessment the first week of school over the reading, including a test and a writing assignment.

Contact Mrs. Barker or Ms. Rheinheimer with any questions. If you'd like to check out a copy of the book, see Ms. Rheinheimer in B22 prior to the end of the school year.