Milford Summer Reading

Welcome to the Milford High School summer reading page for 2023. 

Students will have GRADE-LEVEL summer reading this year. Please refer to the grade level page to receive further instructions. 

To see text titles for each grade and level of class, click on the tabs located at the top, right hand corner if you are viewing on a computer. Click the three bars in the top left if you are viewing from a mobile device. 

Be sure to read all requirements for the class in which you are enrolled. 

The Bookmatters, located at 6 Main Street in downtown Milford, will have copies of all summer reading books for purchase. Please consider purchasing your book from our local book store!

There are no summer reading requirements for English electives.

A Note About Policy: If a parent requests that his/her own child not read a given book, the teacher and/or school administrator should resolve the issue, perhaps by arranging for use of alternative material meeting essentially the same instructional purpose.

If you have questions about summer reading, email Betsy Woods,  English Department Chair, at