AP English Language


  1. ALL students enrolled in AP Language and Composition will read the #MilfordReads 2020 selection, Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson
  2. AP Language students will also read Tara Westover’s Educated.

Accompanying Assignments and Due Dates


During the first quarter, students will participate in additional summer reading assessments that may include discussions, research, writing, and objective testing. Students are advised to read carefully and annotate accordingly. In addition to your general notes, each student is required to find three quotes/passages from Educated that could spark discussion. Be sure that at least one of your quotes/passages is from pgs. 3-111, another quote/passage is from pgs. 112-215, and another quote/passage is from pgs. 216-329. Finally, connect something from Educated to a current event, another text, or a recent trend.

Contact Information

Erin Vore (room B10): vore_e@milfordschools.org

Betsy Woods (room B14) woods_b@milfordschools.org

Joe Claus (room B22) claus_j@milfordschools.org