AP English Language

In addition to the whole school read, juniors enrolled in AP English Language will also read The Anthropocene Reviewed by John Green.

A Note About Policy: If a parent requests that his/her own child not read a given book, the teacher and/or school administrator should resolve the issue, perhaps by arranging for use of alternative material meeting essentially the same instructional purpose.

If you have questions about summer reading, email Betsy Woods, English Department Chair, at woods_b@milfordschools.org.

Also, if obtaining a book for summer reading presents a financial difficulty (or this is the case for someone you know) please contact Betsy Woods at woods_b@milfordschools.org.

Contact Information

Erin Vore (room B10): vore_e@milfordschools.org

Allison Willson (room B12): willson_A@milfordschools.org

Joe Claus (room B22) claus_j@milfordschools.org