Milford Summer Reading

Welcome to the Milford High School summer reading page for 2020. At the top of the page, you will find links for all of our summer reading assignments for English classes 9-12. Be sure to check under the "More" tab for AP Language, and AP Literature, as well as a contacts page for Milford Junior High and High School. Read all requirements for the class(es) in which you are enrolled.

**SUMMER 2020** Incoming 7th and 8th graders WILL NOT have summer reading in 2020. Summer reading will only apply to incoming 9th-12th graders.

High School

ALL students in 9-12 will read the #MilfordReads 2020 selection, Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson. See information on the book, reviews, and Amazon ordering information here.

Students may choose among the original text, the young adult version, the movie, or the Ted Talk by Bryan Stevenson (linked here).

Amazon has made streaming of this film free during the month of June in light of what is occurring throughout our country.

Annotate accordingly and take notes. Be prepared to participate in class and school-wide discussions, assignments, and assessments. Follow our summer reading Twitter (@MilfordReads) and Instagram (@MilfordReads) accounts for updates about activities and events related to Just Mercy!

Students enrolled in AP English Literature and AP English Language at Milford High School have additional summer reading requirements. Use the links on the above and under the "More" tab to navigate to the pages with those requirements.

**NEW FOR SUMMER OF 2020** Students in Honors English 9 and Honors English 10 WILL NOT have additional reading for the summer outside of Just Mercy. Teachers of Honors English 9 and Honors English 10 have suggested OPTIONAL reading titles in case students would like to pursue additional reading opportunities.**

There are no summer reading requirements for English electives.

Junior High School

MILFORD JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS DO NOT HAVE A SUMMER READING ASSIGNMENT. Incoming 7th and 8th graders will not read over the summer for Honors ELA 7 or Honors ELA 8. Incoming 9th graders need to see the Milford High School All-Read assignment above.

If you have questions about summer reading, first email one of the teachers of your class. You can find their emails on the contact page.