AP English Literature

In addition to the whole school read, juniors and seniors enrolled in AP English Literature will also select and read an additional full-length work of literary merit. The additional choice must come from this list.

Students are advised to read carefully and annotate accordingly.

Accompanying Due Dates for AP English Literature

Friday, June 19: Enter your individual summer reading choice on this form. The form will be accepting responses beginning May 15. Be sure to annotate your text as you read it. NOTE: If for some reason you want to change your book mid-summer, please submit to the form again.

Monday, August 24: Bring to class a minimum of three credible secondary sources about your individual text, all of your notes, and the text itself. Be ready to begin writing an analysis.

Contact Information

Allison Willson (room B12): willson_a@milfordschools.org

Geoff Wahl (room B16): wahl_g@milfordschools.org

Gina DeBlasio (room B21): deblasio_g@milfordschools.org